6th - 10th April 2020
  • 1. Gold Prices May Reverse, US Dollar Sinks as Fed Juices Wall Street
  • 2. Euro at Risk as North-South Political Rift Threatens Financial Stability
  • 3. Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500 Forecast: An Earnings Season Like None Other
  • 4. How Do Politics and Central Banks Impact FX Markets?

This is a weekly Breaking Forex News update from Horse Forex.

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30th March - 3rd April 2020
  • 1. Gold Prices Lower as US Dollars Amid Coronavirus Concerns
  • 2. Oil Sparks High on Trump's Comments
  • 3. Canadian Dollars, Crude Oil Benefits for Saudi-Russian Output Spill Damage
  • 4. The US Dollar Can Increase Against Euro in NFP and PMI Futures

Gold prices were lower in Thursday’s Asia Pacific trade despite clear concerns about the spread of coronavirus, notably in the United States, with a stronger Dollar dimming the metal’s appeal.Investors have history of preferring to shelter in the US currency

23rd - 27th March 2020
  • 1. USD/MXN – Three Day Collapse Nears Short-Term Support
  • 3. Gold Technical Analysis
  • 4. Bank of Canada Lowers Overnight Target Rate to 0.25% From 0.75%

This is a weekly Breaking Forex News update from Horse Forex.

For more information visit our website: www.horsegroup.top

Dax (German Index ) Weekly Time Frame
Monday 20th January, 2020
The above picture illustrates the weekly time frame of the German Index (DAX30) were we can notice that the price is at the highest point of the late quarter of 2017 where found resistance at the beginning of 2018 and now the price is at that exact point. It is obvious that the resistant line stood for 2 years and now either the price will continue going up making new higher Highs or will turn downside, making the resistance line a point that holds and will be very difficult to surpass it.
Copper 4-H Time Frame
Monday 13th January, 2020
As we can observe in the picture above of COPPER, one can say that the aforesaid symbol is trading on an uptrend channel moving towards its latest higher price of the end of 2019. This is also confirmed by the support line (Blue line) that is has already supported by 3 tests before price start moving upwards. Will COPPER reach the resistance line ( RED) and move forward until it meets its highest price of the 1st quarter of 2019 or it will touch and revert?
BTCUSD 4 hours’ Time Frame
Tuesday 07th January, 2020
After Creating a potential channel of taking the lowest low (point 1 and connect to the higher low (point 2) and then copy the line to the next higher high (point3), we can observe that there is a potential uptrend of the pair either by touching the uptrend line and then continue inside the channel or touch the upper blue line and then continue moving up without being inside the channel. The potential touch point can be trade carefully either upwards or downwards with potential TP at the lower Blue line or at the previous high point at the end of October.
GBPUSD Daily Time frame
Monday 30th December, 2019
GBPUSD since July of 2014 is going down with lower lows and with support at the level of 1.19120. It is obvious that there is downtrend consolidation of the pair without breaking the downtrend (gold line) which connected the 2 higher points of June and August of 2015 and projected forwards until today. As is depicted above the line was “respected “by the price with another 2 touchdowns (17th of April 2018 and on the 13th of this month when the UK elections occurred). This consolidation might continue until the base or the quoted currency initiate a trend reversal and break outside the gold or the blue line.
XAUUSD 1Hour Timeframe
Monday 30th December, 2019
As it is illustrated above, GOLD has already found resistance 5 times so far for the past 3 moths now. The support stands at 1445 occurred on the 12th of November 2019. Will the precious metal break the resistance within the next commencing week and head upwards? Or the resistance level will be once again the strong point which GOLD cannot surpass and push price down?
GOLD Analysis
Tuesday 17th December, 2019
As it is illustrated above GOLD is at a consolidation which is coming to an end in a few hours or days. This is something certain about the Metal. There are 2 options of which Gold can be traded once breaks the consolidation period. But in order to trade either the long way or the short, a confirmation must be given. At all time protect your position with a logic Stop loss where your equity is not at a risk from a single trade.
Friday 16th August, 2019
Another unstable week for the unrefined oil is at its end as financial specialists have seen solid moves in both headings...
Monday 1st July, 2019
On the other hand S&P 500 remain steady showing that equity bulls gold to remain support amid global...
Friday 16th August, 2019
It is time that Banxico decides regarding the Interest rates. Country’s central bank is facing a very difficult situation since Inflation...
Monday 1st July, 2019
Asian Market is benefitting from the feel-good mood in the markets after US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping...
Wednesday 24th July, 2019
As the S&P 500 ended a week of gains to ease off its own record high, Asian stocks continue to decline, As Trump restated his tariff threat...
Monday 10th June, 2019

Timeframe = 1Hour - 时间图表=1小时图

The recent bullish momentum in USDJPY regained traction, testing the weekly tops near 108.71 region, as the bulls draw support from the US-Mexico trade progress-led risk-on rally in Asian equities and a broad-based US dollar recovery.

Monday 10th June, 2019

Timeframe=1D - 时间图表=日图

Highest WTI price for 2019 @ 66.54 on April 23, where lowest found on January 14th @ 50.63.
2019年的美原油现货WTI从 1月2日的最低价44.5上升趋势最终停滞在4月23日的最高点66.54。
Downtrend from the above price until the WTI Touched the 0.618 Fibonacci point where...

Monday 10th June, 2019

The recent US Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) has pushed the Gold to reach the resistance line as above.


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