Swap Rates

Horseforex low swap cater to your diverse trading strategies.

Swap Rates Facts

  • low overnight fee
  • Transparent cost
  • Medium and long term trading
The most advantageous overnight fee will make your long-term trading worry-free.

Swap Rates Trading Conditions

Symbol 全名Description Avg spread Short
GBPJPY Great Britian Pound vs Japanese Yen 0.21 -1.21
GBPNZD Great Britian Pound vs New Zealand Dollar -10.08 4.69
GBPUSD Great Britian Pound vs Us Dollar -0.98 0.11
NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar 0.38 -5.27
NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc 1.36 -6.14
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen 0.45 -7.93
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar 0.84 -11.36
USDCAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar -0.19 -3.24
USDCHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc 0.15 -17.62
USDCNH US Dollar vs Chinese Yuan Renminbi -10.49 -7.36
USDJPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen 0.13 -0.93
USDMXN US Dollar vs Mexican Peso -38.22 1.302
USDNOK US Dollar vs Norwegian Kroner -4.71 -15.51
USDPLN US Dollar vs Polish Zloty 3.57 -16.02
USDSGD US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar -1.2 -3.78
USDTRY US Dollar vs Turkish Lira -42.98 2.46
USDZAR US Dollar vs South African Rand -56.32 3.38
USDHKD US Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar -5.08 0.19
Symbol 全名Description Avg spread Short
XAGEUR Silver vs Euro -0.64 -0.86
XAGUSD Silver vs US Dollar -0.89 0
XAUEUR Gold vs Euro -3.86 -6.54
XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar -0.20 0
Symbol 全名Description Avg spread Short
NGAS NGAS Futures -3.42 -4.74
COPPER Copper -8.62 -3.64
CT US Cotton Futures -5.62 -6.44
SUGAR US Sugar Futures -8.71 -7.54
UKOIL Crude Oil Brent Cash 0.82 -4.52
WTI West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Cash -3.01 0
Dax30 Germany 30 Cash Index -15.64 -27.87
Symbol 全名Description Avg spread Short
NAS 100 Nasdaq 100 -11.03 -4.73
CHINA50 China 50 Index -10 -10
HK50 Hong Kong Index -20 -12
USDIDX Dollar Index -28 -8
AUS200 Australia 200 Cash Index 0 0
ES35 Spain 35 Cash Index -6.64 -8.56
CAC40 France 40 Cash Index -3 -2
STOXX50 Euro 50 Cash Index -24.15 -36.70
UK100 FTSE 100 Index -3 -2
US500 SP 500 -1.8 -1.5
DJ30 Dow Jones 30 -7.54 -6.45
GE General Electr -12.9 1.3
Symbol 全名Description Avg spread Short
FB Facebook -33.62 3.24
TSLA Tesla Motors -28.78 5.65
AAPL Apple -36.97 3.8
AMZN Amazon Com -26.87 3.48
BABA Alibaba -35.04 5.64
BMWG Bay Mot Werke -32.25 5.42
GM GeneraL Motors -6.7 1.4
GOOG Alphabet Inc Class C -4.23 1.98
IBM IBM -8.75 3.3
VOWG Volkswagen AG -15.757 -8.44
FGBL Euro Bund Futures -7.98 -8.74
Symbol 全名Description Avg spread Short
LTCUSD LiteCoin vs US Dollar -26.87 -4.56
DSHUSD DashCoin vs US Dollar -78.29 -87.29
XRPUSD Ripple vs US Dollar -28.39 -29.19
BTCUSD BitCoin vs US Dollar -31.81 -30.83
ETHUSD Ethereum vs US Dollar -10.26 -11.24

Swap Rates FAQs

What is swap?
Swap is charged for positions that are traded for more than one day. For forex, the charge for Swap depends on the direction of the order (ie, long or short) plus the difference in the currency pair time rate. In terms of stocks and indices, it only depends on the direction of the order. Note that only spot goods will generate Swap Futures commodities only have an expiration date and no Swap。 "
Why do you charge three times the overnight interest on Wednesday?
Why is there an negative interest rate for overnight interest collection?

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